Our story

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide in 2020, we saw a quick shift in the workforce with businesses and organisations moving into remote and/or hybrid work and work from home arrangements. 

During this unprecedented time the idea for The BEX was born. 

The founding members recognised that we live in a continually changing world and there is a great need for constant support that can help businesses navigate through these changes effectively and efficiently. 

They then gathered a group of other like-minded professionals who strongly understands the contemporary needs of businesses and can empathise with all team members to establish The BEX. 

Meet The BEX team

We are a team of experienced and empathetic business leaders, technology innovators, problem solvers. 

We are passionate about providing agile services, solutions and support to help organisations of any size navigate through any changes or developments, effectively and efficiently.

What glues us together as a collaborative and high performing team is our shared values for exceptional customer service, delivered with integrity, humility, honesty and always with good humour. 

Mathew Frederickson

Managing Director

A business leader focused on strong people development, business strategy, innovation, transformation and sustainable business growth. 

Simon Whitehead


A sales, operations and client executive with over 20 years of experience with leading digital solutions providers.

Tim Clayden


A customer focused professional with 12+ years in the IT sector, providing customer service and relevant insights into digital business innovation.

Anthony Brown

Client Experience Manager

A strong leader with 15+ years experience in the IT industry, focused on meaningful and accurate data, strong communication, technical excellence, client retention, innovation and strong business outcomes. 


Justin O'Malley

Business Experience Executive

A technology innovator with a strong focus on using digital and IT to support business growth and outcomes.


Alicia Tucker

Customer Experience Manager

An expert customer success and support manager with over 10 years of experience within leading IT organisations.

Got a question?

Contact The BEX team. We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.