Business Automation

BEX Business for higher productivity and reduced costs

Our BEX Business offering is all about giving organisations more free time to focus on more strategic projects and use easily accessible data to help make informed decisions. 

We do this via a number of business automation services that can eliminate bottlenecks or repetitive tasks that lead to lost time and revenue. 

Our team is ready to consult, design, and deliver the right automation services so that businesses can enjoy improvements such as increased efficiency and productivity, better customer experience and organisational/team performance and reduced operating costs. 

Logistics and tracking technology

The BEX provides the following innovative automations solutions to help businesses with logistics, tracking and warehouse requirements:


Dashboards are vital for better business decision making. Dashboards gather data from multiple sources and systems and combine them into a single interface for a detailed business overview. 

BEX Business offers automated Dashboarding, connecting all your essential business information into an easy to read and customisable view, accessible digitally and via your mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. 


SharePoint is a business platform by Microsoft that boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation by enhancing communication, content management, collaboration as well as streamlining the management of and access to your information and data.

BEX Business offers the set up, training and support of your Sharepoint sites. 

Secure HR document and process

In an age where personal data needs to be highly secured, our BEX Business solution offers simplified secure document management, routing, and storage of content captured from scanned images, email, forms and more. 

This information is then password protected for highly available access by certain personnel only. 

Designing an automated business

Turning parts of your business processes into an automated system can be a daunting process. BEX Business’ work design offering will help with the process automation space, through identifying all systems that need to talk to each other and then designing a solution that can be adopted with minimal disruption.

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