Work from Anywhere

Remote working has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and trend projections are showcasing that being able to work from anywhere is here to stay.

Through BEX Tech, we are excited to empower, accelerate and support today’s flexible working environments and arrangements. Our team does this via a number of technology as a service tools and systems, connecting you wherever, whenever.

BEX Tech


To be able to work from anywhere, you will need to provide your teams with secure data storage that can be accessed anytime. Our BEX Tech: Storage solution provides cloud storage off premise that fits in with whatever stage your business is at.

Our Storage-as-a Service offers flexible consumption for both your business financial and operational advantages. 


Cyber security is a serious consideration when you are working remotely. BEX Tech: Security offers peace of mind by protecting your business’ most important asset – data.

Following a detailed consultation, our BEX team will work to design multi-layered protection for all networks which hold your business data. We work with global-leading and cutting-edge security providers to deliver the most powerful protection.


For businesses who require to have a smaller (or mini) data centre for remote on-premise locations such as regional mining and resources sites, we are pleased to offer BEX Tech: MicroDC.

Micro data centres can be placed anywhere, indoor or outdoor, from high rise offices to dusty mine sites. They are easy to deploy, easy to maintain, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Networks and Data

Getting connected online is one of the most important things to have when you are working off and on premise. BEX Tech: Networks and Data is at hand to help you and/or your team members get connected to the right links, WiFI, NBN.

We handle everything so that you can enjoy working from anywhere while being highly connected to everyone and everything you need to access.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Train and be trained from anywhere with BEX Tech: AR/VR offering. Our augmented and virtual reality technologies will support engaging, hands-on and realistic professional development and industry specific training.

Our AR/VR content is customisable to suit your business needs and industry best practice requirements.

Not only is this work from anywhere supportive technologies engaging and at the cutting edge of innovation, they also offer cost and time efficiencies for everyone working remotely.

Microsoft Licensing

Access important digital work applications and connect them for easy sharing with anyone you need to collaborate with through a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. BEX Tech: Microsoft Licensing offers best value for team installation, updates and upgrades.

Office 365 offers the classic apps such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint with an added array of cloud and AI-based features (OneDrive, Sharepoint, Webex, Team Meetings) that you can use on any device.

Service Desk

Rest assured that your IT hardware and software requirements and challenges will be solved through BEX Tech: Service Desk. Our experienced IT support team members will be able to provide information and resolutions via the phone or through online communications.


Need voice connections at your on or off-premise workplace? BEX Tech: Telephony is the answer. We offer a powerful but simple IP phone system package on a flexible subscription basis.

Implementation, maintenance and support is included to eliminate any hassles of complicated telephone system configurations.


Our procurement service is simply all about providing you with easy access and affordable purchase of any IT hardware that you seek!

Work from anywhere with BEX Tech

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