Our BEX Consult services, is delivered by our team of industry experts, together with partners, who are subject matter experts in their field. 

Our Consulting service is also designed to ensure that we can look after your “need to be outsourced” business needs, ultimately providing you with more time to work on other important matters whilst also providing cost efficiency.

Print Reduction Services

Our managed print service aims to reduce the amount of printing that your business does, to deliver cost reductions and sustainability results. Our expert team members will initially assess your business printing and photocopying habits, workflows and existing systems. 

This information is then used to design a more efficient whole print environment for you and your team.

Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment

At The BEX, we see Digital Transformation – when powered with Modernised Networks – helping businesses create smarter experiences and customer journeys that facilitate and/or complement people’s lives.

To get businesses started on the right footing when it comes to digital transformation, our experienced team members will conduct discovery meetings, analysis and clarification, technical workshops and designing a suitable digital transformation journey for implementation. 

IT Consultancy

The name says it all…anything IT related that you need information and advice on, our team members are ready to help! From identifying the right networks and systems through to improving IT workflows and service management, we’ve got the experience, knowledge and passion to help get it right for you and your business! 

Cyber Consulting

Thinking about how best to protect all of your business digital and offline data? Our cyber security experts can help identify data risks for your business, assess existing systems and offer value add solutions to secure your valuable data assets. 

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